Island life

One of the most enticing aspects of life in the tropics is the constant contact with sun and water. I find this image (inspired by one of my journeys in the Caribbean Sea) sums up the essence of this constant energy and it make me feel so at peace that I painted it 3 times in different flavors 🙂 The last two attempts in watercolor below.


Every Christmas I buy one specimen of this beautiful plant because I just cannot resist those wonderful scarlet leaves. Every time I hope that I will be able to grow them and do them no harm… and every year I face the inevitable: they die on me!

This year, the beauty and lush of the plant I purchased this year was too overwhelming to allow it go without painting it, keeping at least a glimpse of her beauty with me.

So this is the subject of the last free inspirational painting before starting on the long stretch for the two themes that will go into my new show.

Here are the first stages.


The downstairs bakery

This Boulangerie in the heart of Boulogne (Paris) has been the most welcoming place during our stay. The people who work there have gone out of their way to help us with our poor French in a friendly manner. As we prepare to leave, I wanted to give them something to remember us by.

The downstairs bakery by Marika Curiale - Watercolor on paper
The downstairs bakery by Marika Curiale – Watercolor on paper