Underwater Dance – WIP

I decided to take on new challenges this upcoming season and try new techniques. One of them is acrylic and I got a taste today of how much different working with this medium is from watercolor.

I walked away from this new commissioned work after 4 hours of hard work and struggle, but I was very satisfied with the outcome.

I still have a lot of work to do on this piece. but the visual effect of acrylic is very striking!


Wonders in the Sky

I started a new series while finishing Fields of Color. The series “Fields of Stars” is inspired to the astonishing display of lights and colors that the Universe bestows on us every night. It is also a metaphor for keeping the faith when life is at its darkest.

This first painting is called Wonders in the Sky.

Watercolor on paper – 12×24 Private collection

Wonders in the sky

Inspired silence

This blog have gone dormant for quite some time now, but I do not wish you for you to assume that this silence was meaningless or, worst, fruitless.

Life has taking me for one of those wild rides we all know very well, but this time I was determined to make the most of it.

I had the privilege to see some really cool stuff in these months and that has inspired some of the art I will be publishing in the upcoming days. It’s probably not what you have been used to see on this blog, but please be gentle in your critiques… New discoveries usually take us outside of the comfort zone and most of the time execution is not flawless.


New colors

Bought new colors today (woohoooo!!!): Payne’s Gray and Deep Cerulean… so I decided to attack and old pen sketch I hated and never finished… I think my sentiment toward it has changed completely :)… love the way these new colors interact with each other!



A double life is hard work!

I will be taking as break from art posting tonight and just share the excitement and frustration of a different type of creativity…

I have been thinking about it for a while and brewed over and brainstormed on it for several months (years perhaps), but, among the awful illness spell and a very stressful work/life routine, I have finally com around to work on creating a web site for my art!

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am and, at the same time, very frustrated with the whole process… health getting in the way at project start was not a fun thing…

I feel like I am getting back on track these days and hopefully I will be able to publish my humble little art corner soon!

Stay tuned!