Underwater Dance – WIP

I decided to take on new challenges this upcoming season and try new techniques. One of them is acrylic and I got a taste today of how much different working with this medium is from watercolor.

I walked away from this new commissioned work after 4 hours of hard work and struggle, but I was very satisfied with the outcome.

I still have a lot of work to do on this piece. but the visual effect of acrylic is very striking!


First show

After settling down in the new house and getting kind of used to having a studio (!!!!), it was time to get out there and have the very first show my work.

It was a small venue of local artist for my village summer festival, but still very excited and a bit intimidating.

Funny how nobody tells you how much work it is to set up a show!

Beside the matting and framing, there is labeling, transport to and fro the venue and appearance.

On the day of drop off, during transport, one of the glasses broke. Accidents happen, but excitement does not wane!

When a handful of patrons actually approached me to compliment me on my work, I was so humbled and dumbstruck at the same time. What an experience 🙂

Wonders in the Sky

I started a new series while finishing Fields of Color. The series “Fields of Stars” is inspired to the astonishing display of lights and colors that the Universe bestows on us every night. It is also a metaphor for keeping the faith when life is at its darkest.

This first painting is called Wonders in the Sky.

Watercolor on paper – 12×24 Private collection

Wonders in the sky

Spring Months – Birth flowers project

I started this project a week ago… when, after my Odette disaster, my creativity was taking a confidence beating. I had started a portrait of a young men I had met on vacation and found I was blocked. I tried to force myself to go on with the work and ended it throwing a very good sketch away…
I needed a simple project that would get me to the easel and kept me painting; so I chose to paint the flowers for the months of the year. As it turns out, there is nothing more difficult than to attempt to portrait Nature’s effortless perfect beauty… Like Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, I can confidently sing “you can learn a lot of things from the flowers” 🙂
Here is the first season: Spring.




Odette backstage… aka my first time on Arches cold press paper


This might as well be the most difficult and frustrating work I have done so far. It was my first time using cold press Arches paper and it definitely put my skill to the test.

This paper was so absorbent it would suck in my color as soon as the brush touched the surface. Obviously a very good support for painters who like to work a lot of wet on dry (and truly, the effects and textures are amazing), but for someone like me for whom wet on wet is daily bread… this paper was a nightmare.

Yet, it was a very very productive one! I have never learned more on any other piece. Th results are not completely satisfying, but the process of getting here was really fun.

Mixing the colors for the palette

Mixing the palette by Marika Curiale

Palette by Marika Curiale

Work in progress



The focus required for this piece made my daughter take out her camera and documenting my laser sharp grumpiness 🙂

Afternoon in the studio

Ocean waves – failure part 1

After the 100th unsuccessful attempt to create a light bulb, Thomas Edison said : “I did not fail, I found 100 ways how not to make a light bulb”…

Well I guess tonight I have found the first way how NOT to paint an ocean wave 🙂

The positive side of this is that I have mixed the right colors! I will attempt ocean waves again…but I think I will need some more observation and study 🙂


Tennis player

I completed this study over the past couple of nights…. this is not something I say very often about my work, but I must say I am kind of fond of this piece 🙂

For the very first time I guess, I have let got of the obsession of controlling the details…and I just let the color do the work. It is really amazing to me :))) So I guess this little study will stay with me in the studio as a reminder that art is first of all self discovery 🙂

Tennis Player by Marika Curiale
Tennis Player by Marika Curiale


When I finished the Chief Seattle piece, I knew I had hit my limits with color. I liked the drawing very much, but I could not translate the idea of color I held in my mind onto paper… the more I tried, the more the piece got messy and I hated it in the end.

So I decided to take a class dedicated completely to color and below is the first piece where I applied the new skills…

It is dedicated to the person who tough me (among a lot of other things) that limits are just trials meant to push us to better ourselves.


New colors

Bought new colors today (woohoooo!!!): Payne’s Gray and Deep Cerulean… so I decided to attack and old pen sketch I hated and never finished… I think my sentiment toward it has changed completely :)… love the way these new colors interact with each other!



Art Day demonstration for children

Today I attended my very first Art Day as a guest artist. I was sooo excited and nervous to demonstrate my work in front of the children, but they were all very enthusiastic about the waterlilies I had chosen as a subject for today.

What the children did not learn is that I had a technology malfunction (the photo I had chosen for the demonstration and prepared for did not upload on my iPad) and the waterlilies were actually very much improvised…

Not exactly my best work, but it was really fun to paint for the little buzzing bees 🙂