A little world apart

I have desired for a studio for years and the dream finally came true! Secluded in the back of my new home, and still in the process of being set up, tweaked, settled it’s this little piece of the world where playful creation and experimentation are the only activities allowed other than morning yoga! Forgive me then if it has been a while since my last art post… I have a been a little preoccupied trying to believe my dream has come true 🙂


Inspired silence

This blog have gone dormant for quite some time now, but I do not wish you for you to assume that this silence was meaningless or, worst, fruitless.

Life has taking me for one of those wild rides we all know very well, but this time I was determined to make the most of it.

I had the privilege to see some really cool stuff in these months and that has inspired some of the art I will be publishing in the upcoming days. It’s probably not what you have been used to see on this blog, but please be gentle in your critiques… New discoveries usually take us outside of the comfort zone and most of the time execution is not flawless.


The long month of silence

This past month I have been so busy painting and experimenting new techniques (not to mention moving!!!) that I had no chance to actually sit down for a quite blog post 🙂

The month of August has been full of creative surprises.

I have finally broke the glass and taken a course in oil paint




I have worked extensively to improve my portrait skills both on the sketching and colorist sides




And finally, I have taken advantage of the incredible weather to hike and paint en plein aire.



I missed posting on the blog, but I really really enjoyed never putting the brush down this month 🙂

Traveling Journal -part 1

Nothing like traveling can offer pure, untempered inspiration to me. Traveling abroad is the ultimate creativity booster kick.
I spent the last few days hoping islands in the Caribbean and the creative results are astonishing to me.

No I have not created the latest masterpiece in art history (chances are I might never do 🙂 ), nevertheless the range of creative endeavors triggered by this change of scenery is remarkable and worth noting for sure.

I can hardly describe it, but as the everyday routine shattered like glass a new range of colors and light, flavors and scents opened up my senses and, as a painter, it was like for a musician learning to play a new symphony.

One of the islands that had a profound impact on my artistic side was definitely Half Moon Cay, in the Bahamas. I had never experienced a water so purely turquoise, a shade of such intensity I struggled to reproduce on paper. My en plain air attempt (below) is a mere shadow of the beauty of this little cove, but it is dear to me as every stroke imprinted a special sensation, a subtle nuance of the island into my soul.



A double life is hard work!

I will be taking as break from art posting tonight and just share the excitement and frustration of a different type of creativity…

I have been thinking about it for a while and brewed over and brainstormed on it for several months (years perhaps), but, among the awful illness spell and a very stressful work/life routine, I have finally com around to work on creating a web site for my art!

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am and, at the same time, very frustrated with the whole process… health getting in the way at project start was not a fun thing…

I feel like I am getting back on track these days and hopefully I will be able to publish my humble little art corner soon!

Stay tuned!