The blue dress

The blue dress – watercolor on paper

My love for wet in wet work truly shows in this piece. I started with a loose sketch of the figure and I was not quite sure of how I would proceed from there. I just loved the pose.

This sketch sat, propped on the board, against my studio wall for over 2 months. After viewing some demo by Jacques WillietΒ and Viktoria Prischedko, inspiration struck.

I wanted to work with contrasting colors but also colors that would work well together and create a timeless romantic atmosphere.


Sunsets experiments

This small little study attempts to recreate that magic effect of bright light bordering the clouds while the sun hides behind them at sunset.

I am hoping to perfect and use this technique in my Sunset series πŸ™‚

Sunset clouds study – watercolor paper

Into the mist

This piece is dear to me in many ways. The subject, a cold morning walk in the mist,is particularly moving for me but the most important thing about this piece is actually how it developed.

I had given it some thought and planned carefully the washes, but then something happened… I lost my plan in the mists of colors and the painting played out sort of on his own… just like the character in a novel does for a writer. Really fascinating.

Into the mist – watercolor on paper

Wonders in the Sky

I started a new series while finishing Fields of Color. The series “Fields of Stars” is inspired to the astonishing display of lights and colors that the Universe bestows on us every night. It is also a metaphor for keeping the faith when life is at its darkest.

This first painting is called Wonders in the Sky.

Watercolor on paper – 12×24 Private collection

Wonders in the sky