Oceans – prep sketch

It was a pure joy to sketch and explore the palette for this prep sketch for the Oceans series.

After trying several blues, I found that Phtalo was the best one for my eye as the main color. Phtalo Green, Raw Sienna, Raw Umber and Payne Grey complete the palette.

Water has always been such a challenge to see clearly for me to paint, but this year I have decided to make it my goal to overcome it!

I am very excited about starting out on this series on coastal landscapes!

Florida Gulf Coast

Paris – Prep Sketches

I have a huge amount of photographs of Paris taken during a two months stay some years ago, but for my new series “On the road” I wanted something that spoke of its unique charm.

I started to get some prep sketches down this week and work on choosing a palette for the piece. This particular study was completed using Turquoise, Cadmium Red and Cadmium Yellow.

I will have to keep experimenting as this limited palette does not “feel” like Paris to me.


Sunsets experiments

This small little study attempts to recreate that magic effect of bright light bordering the clouds while the sun hides behind them at sunset.

I am hoping to perfect and use this technique in my Sunset series 🙂

Sunset clouds study – watercolor paper

Portrait study

The more I draw faces, the more I want to keep on doing it. it is such an incredible journey that renews itself with each model. I still need to learn so much! (Luckily 🙂 )img_4058

Airport portraits

Less pleasurable travels call for pleasurable past times… I discovered that waiting for boarding is the perfect place for quick head studies: people are so caught up in their boredom or getting numb on their phone screen scrolling down meaningless Facebook posts that they hardly move, making them the perfect models even though quite sad ones.



Lanterns- Prep sketch

I have always loved releasing lanterns whether gliding over water or raising up in the sky. Watching that lantern go has always made me feels as if I was watching the wish attach to it take form and shine.

I have been playing with this idea for a few weeks and I tonight I put down the preparatory sketch for one of my next pieces.