The hidden labor of creative magic

This year I will participate for the very first time in my local art festival, Oxfordshire Art Weeks.

I will be showing in my own studio and that is another first.

I had no idea how much work (and capital)goes into putting up a solo venue!

One of the things I decided to not outsource this time is framing.

Framing is a must for watercolor art as color are brought to shine and depth by a nice glass on the paper (not to mention a good protection from the elements).

I spent all afternoon today cutting the mats for a few pieces (yet another first!) and I have gained a whole new respect for the framers 🙂

It’s hard work!



Gentle breeze

As heavy rainy clouds have been weighting on the sky over my studio all week, it was very easy to “step” into this painting and feel the warmth of the sun on my skin… wishful thinking painting is awesome! 🙂