Paris – Prep Sketches

I have a huge amount of photographs of Paris taken during a two months stay some years ago, but for my new series “On the road” I wanted something that spoke of its unique charm.

I started to get some prep sketches down this week and work on choosing a palette for the piece. This particular study was completed using Turquoise, Cadmium Red and Cadmium Yellow.

I will have to keep experimenting as this limited palette does not “feel” like Paris to me.



Every Christmas I buy one specimen of this beautiful plant because I just cannot resist those wonderful scarlet leaves. Every time I hope that I will be able to grow them and do them no harm… and every year I face the inevitable: they die on me!

This year, the beauty and lush of the plant I purchased this year was too overwhelming to allow it go without painting it, keeping at least a glimpse of her beauty with me.

So this is the subject of the last free inspirational painting before starting on the long stretch for the two themes that will go into my new show.

Here are the first stages.