Sunsets experiments

This small little study attempts to recreate that magic effect of bright light bordering the clouds while the sun hides behind them at sunset.

I am hoping to perfect and use this technique in my Sunset series 🙂

Sunset clouds study – watercolor paper

Into the mist

This piece is dear to me in many ways. The subject, a cold morning walk in the mist,is particularly moving for me but the most important thing about this piece is actually how it developed.

I had given it some thought and planned carefully the washes, but then something happened… I lost my plan in the mists of colors and the painting played out sort of on his own… just like the character in a novel does for a writer. Really fascinating.

Into the mist – watercolor on paper

Summer sunset fields

I walked past this beautiful field of poppies and cornflower this summer in the Cotswolds and a feeling of joy and warmth filled my heart.

I attempted to replicate this wonderful feeling in this painting using a limited palette of Sennilier Red, Cobalt blue, Cadium Yellow and Sap Green.

Summer sunset field – watercolor on paper

Color Studies

The weather is turning cold. It’s the perfect time to start planning work for the long dark winter of Northern Europe.

As colors disappear from the landscape and the land goes dormant, I started to study the brightest colors for my “Sunsets” series. This is the fun part 🙂

Portrait study

The more I draw faces, the more I want to keep on doing it. it is such an incredible journey that renews itself with each model. I still need to learn so much! (Luckily 🙂 )img_4058

Airport portraits

Less pleasurable travels call for pleasurable past times… I discovered that waiting for boarding is the perfect place for quick head studies: people are so caught up in their boredom or getting numb on their phone screen scrolling down meaningless Facebook posts that they hardly move, making them the perfect models even though quite sad ones.