A little world apart

I have desired for a studio for years and the dream finally came true! Secluded in the back of my new home, and still in the process of being set up, tweaked, settled it’s this little piece of the world where playful creation and experimentation are the only activities allowed other than morning yoga! Forgive me then if it has been a while since my last art post… I have a been a little preoccupied trying to believe my dream has come true 🙂


Wonders in the Sky

I started a new series while finishing Fields of Color. The series “Fields of Stars” is inspired to the astonishing display of lights and colors that the Universe bestows on us every night. It is also a metaphor for keeping the faith when life is at its darkest.

This first painting is called Wonders in the Sky.

Watercolor on paper – 12×24 Private collection

Wonders in the sky