Studying the body form

Life drawing is one of my favorite subjects. Whether a quick sketch or a detailed pencil drawing, it is always very challenging and very rewarding. I have made it a habit to study 2-3 subject every week at least. But it is hard to find models or, if you find a life modeling session close to where you live, it can become quietly costly.

I was so grateful when I came across the Cafe Croquis website and You tube channel!

Every week they publish a new video with several interesting poses that I have gone as far as use as reference for paintings such us this one (WIP)

Anyone interested in improving their life drawing skill should definitely give Cafe Croquis a try!

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Life in the Islands

This little old painting is part of the Caribbean Island series inspired by the tropical paradise I was lucky enough to visit during a cruise last year.

The image depicts a small bank island off Grand Turks

in the Turks and Caicos

Life on the Islands, Oil on Canvas
Life on the Islands, Oil on Canvas