Traveling Journal -part 1

Nothing like traveling can offer pure, untempered inspiration to me. Traveling abroad is the ultimate creativity booster kick.
I spent the last few days hoping islands in the Caribbean and the creative results are astonishing to me.

No I have not created the latest masterpiece in art history (chances are I might never do 🙂 ), nevertheless the range of creative endeavors triggered by this change of scenery is remarkable and worth noting for sure.

I can hardly describe it, but as the everyday routine shattered like glass a new range of colors and light, flavors and scents opened up my senses and, as a painter, it was like for a musician learning to play a new symphony.

One of the islands that had a profound impact on my artistic side was definitely Half Moon Cay, in the Bahamas. I had never experienced a water so purely turquoise, a shade of such intensity I struggled to reproduce on paper. My en plain air attempt (below) is a mere shadow of the beauty of this little cove, but it is dear to me as every stroke imprinted a special sensation, a subtle nuance of the island into my soul.




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