Back to the basics

In moments like this one, I feel some times that colors are way overrated. Every one wants to rush to them.. oils, pastels, watercolors… and the results are often flattering (depending if one has done his homework on color)…
but when I have a moment to return to simple pencil and graphite, I realize how invaluable drawing and pencil studies have been to develop my creative side…

when using color, I always feel the pressure of having the piece “balanced” for color tones and temperature on top of form and volumes of the subject…

On a pencil drawing, my mind is free to study the curves and subtle lines of the subject… to highlight volumes and smear the shades to really reach the emotional affinity that reflect the subject…


Ocean waves – failure part 1

After the 100th unsuccessful attempt to create a light bulb, Thomas Edison said : “I did not fail, I found 100 ways how not to make a light bulb”…

Well I guess tonight I have found the first way how NOT to paint an ocean wave 🙂

The positive side of this is that I have mixed the right colors! I will attempt ocean waves again…but I think I will need some more observation and study 🙂


Tennis player

I completed this study over the past couple of nights…. this is not something I say very often about my work, but I must say I am kind of fond of this piece 🙂

For the very first time I guess, I have let got of the obsession of controlling the details…and I just let the color do the work. It is really amazing to me :))) So I guess this little study will stay with me in the studio as a reminder that art is first of all self discovery 🙂

Tennis Player by Marika Curiale
Tennis Player by Marika Curiale


I experimented with some unfamiliar color mixes today… I think I like the end result though I might tweak it a bit more.



When I finished the Chief Seattle piece, I knew I had hit my limits with color. I liked the drawing very much, but I could not translate the idea of color I held in my mind onto paper… the more I tried, the more the piece got messy and I hated it in the end.

So I decided to take a class dedicated completely to color and below is the first piece where I applied the new skills…

It is dedicated to the person who tough me (among a lot of other things) that limits are just trials meant to push us to better ourselves.