Color hunting

One of the most enjoyable activities revolving around painting is the study of color… it can also prove to be one of the most frustrating ones too.

Every artist I know works with a base palette of familiar colors from which to build on to achieve the hues and nuances for desired effects. I am no exception, but I also love for my palette to be ever evolving.

As my creative attention gets pulled on to different techniques or subjects, colors evolve with the mood and tone of the scene and that in itself is a very rewarding and rather challenging experience.

Today I have been on a quest to find the perfect hue to represent what I call impressionist watercolor portraits, where model’s are depicted mostly by color work other than a detailed under drawing.

I am still far from achieving the hue I am looking, but I am having so much fun mixing colors… I might be missing it on purpose đŸ™‚


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