Something new

I don’t think there has ever been anything more exciting to me than getting lost in an art store, but since I left Italy, I was unable to find a specialized art store here in the US… that all changed yesterday.
Of course, I never said it was a good thing for me to get lost into such a store, for, at the moment of remerging from its wonders, I probably left half of my salary behind 🙂
But what is more excited than to get lost in an art store, is to try out new art supplies 😀 especially when they are Sennelier colors!



I have to admit I am not fond of this piece… It started out with such great potential, but for some reason my usual paper just wouldn’t cooperate with me this time.
It take a lot out of me to create a piece with this technique. I think I am ready to work with traditional watercolor approach on my next piece.


Leg and knee

Progress in my anatomy course is going slow… mainly because I am enjoying so much 😉
While I was sketching this study, I thought of an artist that, as native Roman, I know very very well: Michaelangelo Buonarroti. Studying anatomy makes me feel like I have cracked into his genius’ little secret!


A la prima

Ever heard of watercolor “a la prima”? Neither have I :)))

But as it is, this piece was painted completely “a la prima”, without a any preparatory pencil work… somehow, I like it.



After the rigors of architectonic watercolors last week, it was fun to improvise with pastels! Clearly I have a lot to learn about them 🙂